Twin Landscaping, Inc & Twin Gardens in Canton Connecticut is owned and operated by the Huff brothers Tom and Rob. And yes, they are Twins! Identical at that. Tom and Rob are home-grown Cantonites and are now raising their own families in Canton CT. Both went to Canton Public Schools and then attended Central Connecticut State College.

Legend has it that to earn money in the summers they both purchased lawn mowers (separately) and started mowing lawns out of their parents garage. Both were using their parents home phone for customers to contact them. After much confusion Bob and Carol, (Dad and Mom), being at their wits ends, told the twins they needed to merge or get out of the business. They decided to merge. They headed to the bank to start a business account and were told they needed a name for their company. They both looked at each other, and well, the rest is history.

Twin Landscaping merged in 1985 and incorporated in 1987. The first place they rented after leaving mom and dad's garage was the Old Canton Creamery on RT 179 which now houses the Canton Clay Works. As the business grew they headed to Woodford Farms and rented a tobacco barn, before finding their permanent home at 96 Powder Mill road in Canton, CT. Twin's Garden Center was opened in 2002. Tom and Rob have been in the landscaping business for over 25 years.

Tom and Rob are community oriented business owners. Not only are they raising their families in Canton but they have donated their time and money to many of the local charities and organizations. Both have coached local teams and supported the schools by donating time and materials to school events.

Twin Landscaping Inc, & Twin Gardens is a homegrown landscaping company and Garden Center you will enjoy doing business with. Come see us soon!